The Ancient Alchemist - Wireless Charging Pad

The Ancient Alchemist - Wireless Charging Pad

The Ancient Alchemist - Wireless Charging Pad

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The Magical Realm Calls Upon You!

Will you stay and accept your Magical Calling or will you leave and continue life as is?

If you are still reading this that means you have accepted your calling.

This is the "Wireless Alchemist Charging Pad"
Fit for all Magic Lovers.

And More Importantly, Fit for 

capable of Wireless Charing!

Wake up your Inner Alchemist!


This Charging Circle is Guaranteed to make you feel like a Wizard!





The Size of the Charging Pad

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  • Power: 5W/10W 
  • Size: 25cmX25cm / 9.8in x 9.8in 
  • Weight: 1lb 
Available for:
  • Apple: iPhone 8, For iPhone 8 plus, For iPhone X,
  • Samsung:
    • For Galaxy S6, For Galaxy S6 Edge, For Galaxy S6 Edge+,
    • For Galaxy S6 Active, For Galaxy S6 Duos, For Galaxy Note Edge,   
    • For Galaxy S7, For Galaxy S7 Edge, For Galaxy Note 5  
    • For Galaxy S8, For Galaxy S8 plus, For Galaxy Note 8
    • For Galaxy S9, S9 Plus
  • Sony: Xperia Z4V, For Xperia Z3V 
  • Google: For Nexus 4, For Nexus 5, For Nexus 6, For Nexus 7
  • MOTOROLA: Moto Droid Turbo, For Moto Droid Turbo 2, For Moto Droid 5
  • NOKIA: 
    • For Lumia 920,
    • For Lumia 928,
    • For Nokia Lumia 93,
    • For Lumia 950,
    • For Lumia 950 XL,
    • For Lumia 1020,
    • For Nokia Lumia 1050,
    • For Nokia Lumia 822,
    • For Nokia Lumia 735
  • HTC: HTC ONE MAX T6, For HTC Incredible 4G, For HTC ONE mini 2, For HTC Droid DNA
  • LG: LG Nexus 4, For LG Nexus 5, For LG G Pro,  For LG D1L, For LG LTE2 
  • For Others:
    • For YotaPhone 2, For Elephone P9000